family owned and operated by the marden family for 50 years.


Ham Marden – Salvage, Clothing & General Merchandise

Harold Andrew Marden, otherwise known as Ham, began working in the family business at a young age. He was the youngest of the five children, and knew from an early age that he wanted to be working in the family business. He helped out at the Waterville store growing up, and worked his way through college by driving trucks for the company. Ham graduated from Thomas College with a degree in Business Administration, and was soon running the Marden’s location in Brewer. From there, he was transferred down to Lewiston, where he helped out at the Lewiston warehouse, and ran the Lewiston store location. Soon after that, Ham began traveling around with his father, learning the ins and outs of buying from the man who started it all. After four or five years of traveling together, Mickey began to ease away from the buying, and as he did Ham took over. Ham now is the primary buyer for everything except the ‘four F’s’ (furniture, footwear, flooring and fabric). Ham is based out of the Lewiston warehouse, and can be reached at 207-784-9774 or you can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

John Marden – Furniture

John has been with Marden’s for most of his working life. He has worked in all capacities of the business, including that of truck driver during high school and college. John studied civil engineering technology  at the University of Maine, however, after school, he opted to dedicate himself to the family business. John managed the buying and merchandising of footwear for many years, and for a while  simultaneously managed both footwear and carpet department.

John now focuses on buying the furniture and some sporting goods for the company. He regularly attends furniture shows in North Carolina, and Mississippi . John also travels to inspect and buy salvage deals. As a private pilot, with a plane at his disposal, John can travel to find these deals, often on a “ moment’s notice”.

Along with flying, John enjoys many outdoor sports, including downhill skiing, scuba diving,  hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren in the outdoors . He resides in the greater Waterville area.
John can be contacted at (207) 873-6111 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

David Marden – Flooring

David Marden, the oldest of Mickey’s three sons, is in charge of buying all the carpet and flooring for Marden’s. David, like his younger brother John, studied civil engineering in college and earned his way through college by driving trucks and stocking shelves for his father’s business. After college, David worked as a surveyor for Penobscot County for five years. David’s administrative and managerial career with Marden’s began after that job, when he took up the job of running the Lewiston Warehouse for several years before being transferred to the administrative offices in Waterville to help with the initial computerization that occurred in the early 1980?s. After helping with the accounting department for four years, David began buying carpet for the store. He now attends the annual flooring show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and buys most of the carpet that Marden’s sells direct through the manufacturer. He purchases overstocks, closeouts, drops, discontinued lines and salvage. David lives in Brewer, and is also based at the Marden’s located in that city, and can be reached at that store’s number: 207-989-1750. To email David, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Jake Marden – Food

Jake Marden is proud to be a third generation Marden’s family member working full time for the company. Jake grew up surrounded by the family business and has been learning about it his entire life. Jake’s father John buys Furniture for Marden’s, and has passed the love of the business on to his son.

Jake attended Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, VT, graduating with a degree in Business Administration, focused on Marketing. He has worked full time for Marden’s since graduating in 2003.

Jake is the food buyer for the company, locating closeout deals on the delicious food and snacks you find at your local Marden’s.

Jake also manages marketing for Marden’s, overseeing both the advertising budget and production for radio and television advertising.

Jake currently resides in Vassalboro with his wife, young son, two cats and dog. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to email Jake.

Doug Staples – Footwear

Doug Staples began his career with Marden’s in 1983. While learning the retail business, Doug sold furniture and appliances in the Bangor area store, later managing the department. Soon after Doug began overseeing overall store operations as Assistant Manager.

In 1988 Doug began managing stores in the Bangor/Brewer region, becoming not only the Store Manager, but also serving as the mentor for most of the Store Managers hired in the company during his tenure.

In 2007 Doug was tapped for the Footwear and Clothing Merchandising position and Footwear buying position. When not visiting our stores to advise in merchandising, Doug is searching for deals on Footwear for Marden’s.

If you have offers or deals which we may be interested in, please contact Doug at (207) 557-8110 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Terry “T” Labonte – Fabric

Terry Labonte, known by co-workers and friends as “T”, has been with the company for twenty-five years. In May, 1984 she started out with Marden’s as a cashier and service desk associate. After just a few months she had moved up to help supervise a shoe department and not long after she took her skill set on to supervise an office for the company, watching over various administrative and accounting positions.

In 1991 Terry moved over to the buying office and became Ham Marden’s assistant. Throughout the years she worked with Ham, “T” learned the business of buying goods for Marden’s, and developing a feel and nuance for how to make the deals that bring our customers the sort of bargains they crave.

In early 2009, “T” became our fabric buyer. By combining previous experience with fabrics and sewing from both within and outside the company, a solid grasp on the Marden’s philosophy, and an understanding of what legions of Marden’s customers are looking for, Terry Labonte has proven she has what it takes to take the reigns and guide Marden’s Fabric Departments into the future.

Marden’s has nine fabric departments statewide. Located in Sanford, Lewiston, Waterville, Ellsworth, Rumford, Brewer, Calais, Presque Isle and Madawaska.

To reach “T” via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or contact her by phone at (207) 784-9774.


Tim Jordan -Housewares & Sporting Goods

Tim Jordan is the man for the job when it comes to buying the sporting goods, housewares, wallpaper and other related products for Marden’s. He is from Auburn, a city that borders Lewiston, and has been working with the company since 1989. As most of the other people near the top of this company, Tim Jordan worked his way up through the company over the years, beginning his career with the retail chain as the manager of the Lewiston store. From there he was transferred across town to run the distribution center located in Lewiston, and eventually became the distribution manager and merchandise manager for the company. Eventually Tim’s duties changed to what they are now, and he is still based out of the Lewiston Warehouse. As the buyer for sporting goods and housewares, Tim attends the annual housewares show, held in Chicago each year in January. He also attends a similar sporting good show in Las Vegas. Before working for Marden’s, Tim was the Manager of a Service Merchandise and a Video Concepts store. He enjoys golf, bass fishing and baseball, while coaching youth baseball and basketball in his spare time. He can be contacted at the Lewiston Warehouse, at (207)784-9774. To reach Tim via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mike Begin – Hardware

Mike Begin began working for Marden’s in 1979. He helped manage the Automotive department at the Waterville location for two years at that time, and was eventually transferred to the Industrial department in Waterville in 1981. He managed the Industrial department for the Waterville location until 1993, when he was moved back to the main building at Waterville, and managed the store there. In 2000 Mike began to practice the art of buying salvage and now buys all of the hardware, industrial goods and building materials that are sold at Marden’s. Mike can be reached at (207)-872-2911. He can be reached via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dave Hutchinson – General Buyer

Dave Hutchinson, otherwise known as Hutch, has been with the company for eight years. Dave’s connection with Marden’s actually began well over a decade ago, when he used to work for Universal International, a wholesaler that sold goods to Marden’s through Ham. Eventually, Dave was invited to work for Marden’s and set up a separate buying office in the mid-west. Dave travels to annual trade shows in an attempt to meet with and establish connections with the manufacturers directly. This eliminates the ‘middle-man’ and helps to keep the costs of buying goods down. Among the trade shows that Dave attends are the annual Hardware, Houseware, Candy, Pet and Golf shows. Dave lives in Burnsville, Minnesota, which is a suburb of Minneapolis, and can be reached at 1-952-890-8449


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